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About our coaching...

 Jerry Coudon first entered the golf business in 1996 and quickly discovered a passion for teaching and helping others improve their golf game.  Over the years, Jerry has taught with and learned from 3 different PGA Master Professionals and Golf Digest Top 100 Instructors.   Jerry treats every student as an individual, realizing and allowing for different body types, learning styles, abilities and goals.  Developing a long term "coaching relationship" is a key to successful instruction.


Video Analysis-

Among the many tools and methods to help improve your golf game, Video Analysis is usually the most effective.  Videoing the golf swing allows the student to see the strengths and weaknesses of their swing, and can be compared frame by frame to the swings of Tour Players.  Breaking down the swing allows us to focus on the elements that will strengthen a solid swing foundation, one step at a time.

Launch Monitor-

The use of the Launch Monitor allows for quantification of results,  and is extremely beneficial as players improve.  Launch Monitor assessment is also extremely helpful when fitting players for proper equipment flex, length and design.

Training Aids-

Training aids are extremely useful in isolating elements of the golf swing, correcting any flaws and helping to develop "muscle memory".  Training aids used range from old-school tried and true methods to more modern high tech learning devices.  Many of these aids are also available for purchase ensuring that the students private practice sessions continue to be good, constructive practice reinforcing what is taught during the lessons.