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 Private Lesson Packages-

Every lesson series will begin with a "Goal Assessment" ensuring that student and instructor are on the same page. This is followed by a "Skills Assessment", to take a realistic, objective look at what areas of the game need addressing, not only to help lower your scores quickly, but also to see how one aspect of the golfswing may adversely affect other parts of the swing. Finally as the lesson series progresses, we will perform an "Equipment Assessment" to make sure that your clubs fit your physique, swing and playing style. 

As you can see by the pricing structure,  I tend to encourage multiple lessons.  If your doctor prescribed a month's worth of medicine, would you take just one pill?  No-- you would stick with the medicine for the prescribed course!!   Golf coaching is the same way;  a student needs to work with the coach for more than just one meeting to achieve maximum results.  

All ADULT lessons are 30 or 60 minutes in duration and include warm up/ practice balls.

5 One-hour Lesson Package-  $299 - This series is a great package to provide the student with a complete overview of their swing and golf game.  Lessons never expire and can be carried over to the next season if not completed. ($375 value)

3 One-hour Lesson Package- $199 -  Popular themes for 3 lesson packages include Short Game Emphasis ( Putting, Chipping & Pitching)  and Scoring Clubs (Driver, Wedge & Putter).  As always, packages can be customized to suit the student! ($225 value)

Single One-hour Lesson- $75-  Single lessons are great for follow up and tune-up, or to attack a specific problem the player may be fighting with.

Single 30-minute Lesson- $50

Three 30-minute Lesson Package- $139 ($150 value)

Five 30-minute Lesson Package- $199 ($250 value) 

 3 Lesson Junior Package- ( ages 13-17) $129  ($150 Value)

 3 Lesson Junior Package- ( ages 7-12) $99   All the same tools and methods broken down into 30 minute segments to maximize learning comprehension for boys and girls ages 7-17.  With beginning juniors, we typically start with short game practice.  This not only develops confidence via success, but also teaches the emphasis of getting the ball in the hole in the fewest shots.

NEW!!!!   WEE GOLF- Ages- 4-6--   Five 30-minute lessons w/ supervised practice to help instill FUN and the basics of golf. Emphasis placed on the short game--- kids learn best from the hole backwards....    

$99 for 5 sessions.